Our Background & Ongoing Projects

The main objective of the program is to boost entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills among the students by creating board games and bringing them to the Georgian market.

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The main objective of the program is to cover the undiscovered places in Georgia, using Google Maps and Google My Business as the main tools for digitization.

The program has already covered 17 municipalities and engaged up to 300 Digital Missioners who have already made their contribution in digitizing local businesses and touristic attractions to drive travelers to visit these places.

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The main objective of the BfD program is to increase the use of broadband internet services and advanced information technology by eligible HHs and eligible MSMEs, with a focus on rural areas, inter alia, by providing the BfD subsidies and related training.

The program already supported about 1,500 socially vulnerable HHs living in high mountainous areas by connecting them to the broadband internet and more than 1,000 regional MSMEs by upskilling them in digital and electronic skills.

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The main objective of the Digital Economy Skills Development program is to train 3,000 Georgian citizens in ICT and Non-ICT training courses such that they receive internationally recognized certification in their area of study.

The program already supported about 600 IT specialists to develop their professional skills with one of the most reputable IT and business training providers in the world - New Horizons.

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Discount Fest

The first and only Discount Festival in Georgia combines hundreds of companies from the tourism and hospitality sector.

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