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Founding partner @ I

Mariam has 10 years of experience in Brand Management, Supply Chain, Export, and Import.

She was managing the TOP retail stores in Georgia and made a significant role in the local retail market development by building strong connection networks with the worlds famous brands.

She is a founder of the Georgian Tour Agency (GTA) and a co-founder of the Wineterfell (wine cellar) and has an active relationship with Local Guides, Wine Makers, Hotels, Wine Cellars, and Guest Houses around Georgia.


Founding partner @ I

Tornike has more than 7 years of experience in Project Management, managing international, educational, and software projects.

He is a Professional Trainer in IT Project Management, E-commerce, and Digital Entrepreneurship with more than 3 years of experience.

He helped more than 500 SMEs to digitize their businesses and about 1,000 specialists to develop their IT and digital skills.


Graphic Designer @ I

Tazo is a Professional Graphic Designer and a Sound Director with more than 5 years of experience in creating digital animations, graphic advertisements, logos and branding, sounds and music, and other creative art projects.

He enjoys being a freelancer and music artist having thousands of followers.


Travel Mate @ I

Bakur has been teaching Acting for 6 years at one of the most distinguished schools in Tbilisi.

Regarding his personality as communicative and practical, being the author of many events, he’d been working at different theaters for years. His experience includes working with tourists, travel agencies, hotels, and transportation.